Service of plate heat exchangers

Our reaction to failures is immediate. We have mobile service teams, and therefore we can act quickly, regardless of the amount of work. All our teams are fully equipped in appropriate tools and devices necessary for quick and effective removal of failure. It is possible thanks to maintaining of permanent supplies of gaskets and plates in our warehouse. It means that we continuously provide so called repair sets, which are taken by service teams to the place of heat exchanger failure.

Regardless of that, on the site where the heat exchanger is used we only perform services that do not require major repairs or operations.
It means undertaking such actions as:
- mechanical cleaning of plates (with use of pressure)
- replacement of gaskets (only gaskets mounted without glue)
- pressure tests after replacement of gaskets

Repairs and renovations requiring bigger amount of work are performed only in our service hall in Kąty Wrocławskie.