Regeneration of plate heat exchangers

It consists of complex chemical cleaning of plates, checking them for perforations and cracks, possible straightening of gasket canals and replacing gaskets with new ones. Regeneration works include following activities:

  • 1. Disassembling of plates.
  • 2. Transportation of plates to our service hall.
  • 3. Removal of clip gaskets.
  • 4. Soaking in chemical substances
  • 5. Removal of glued gaskets
  • 6. Cleaning the plates with the use of pressure and with brushing method
  • 7. Drying of plates
  • 8. Overexposure of plates
  • 9. Shower of penetrating agent and developer
  • 10. Washing off penetrating agents
  • 11. Fitting on/gluing the gaskets
  • 12. Arranging plates in accordance with the diagram
  • 13. Preparations for transportation of plates
  • 14. Slow transportation of plates
  • 15. Fitting plates on the frame and assembling of the heat exchanger
  • 16. Performance of pressure test or assisting in such test

All above-mentioned woks are performed by us in our service hall designed and furnished with appropriate equipment, machines and devices. After such operations we remove all deposits, impurities and permanent scale on both sides of plates, we eliminate damaged plates, which allows the heat exchanger to come back to almost practical efficiency, and ensure that products manufactured with the use of device are fully safe.

After finishing of all works, we issue full report and the certification of health safety. We also grant one year warranty for gaskets and exchanger (on the condition of proper usage of the heat exchanger and proper application of permissible washing and disinfecting agents).

Taking into account financial possibilities of our Customers, we leave many of those works at their discretion. For example they disassemble the heat exchanger themselves and send us only the plates. After their cleaning, checking and replacing of gaskets, we send them back to the Customer. Customers performs further service work themselves.