Plate heat exchangers of greatest food, chemistry and heating corporations of Western Europe use gaskets provided by Laygo company. For several years many companies representing industries enlisted above, also in Poland, have enjoyed gaskets and the service provided by Eko-Mix Company.
We were entrusted by:
Bakoma, Danone, Hoop, Coca Cola, Mlekovita, Carlsberg Polska, Pepsi, Mlekpol, Ustronianka, Polski Cukier, Sudzucker, Grupa Żywiec S.A., Soda, Pfeifer & Langen, Nordzucker Polska, BSO Polska.

Opinions of our customers are the best proof of our expertise and experience and wide variety of services.

...The company is our main supplier of gaskets for plate heat exchangers. We have no reservations in terms of both quality of supplied gaskets and service provided by Eko-Mix. In our opinion this company is professional, fast and very flexible....

....Both the quality of gaskets and the quality of service in Eko-Mix do not differ from the level of producers and suppliers of exchangers, and in some cases it is even better, faster and more efficient......

...With great pleasure we inform that Eko-Mix has been permanent supplier of heat exchanger gaskets in our factories for seven years. The quality guarantee and compliance with production standards is in correspondence with all expectations and requirements of EU regulations and directives. Punctuality of supplies and professionalism of provided services guarantee good cooperation and high quality of service....
DANONE Sp. z o.o.

...Quality of supplied gaskets does not rise our objections, and the prices are incomparably low, in contrast to the competition and suppliers of heat exchangers. Moreover, the speed of delivery and quality of service provided by Eko-Mix are worth recommending, which is essential in case of failure. The advantage of cooperation with Eko-Mix is also the fact that it provides gaskets and it services all heat exchangers, which in our case is very beneficial, as we do not have to talk with each supplier separately......

If so far you haven’t found no one, who would professionally take care of your plate heat exchangers, you are not satisfied with your current suppliers or you want to meet far better ones, all you need to do is to contact us, to which we kindly encourage you. .
Slawomir Hryniewicz
Head of the Company