Laygo gaskets application

Nuclear power plants
Here plate heat exchangers are also used, in the cooling system secondary circuit. The requirements applicable to gaskets in this industry are the highest in the world. Laygo gaskets comply with them and can be successfully used in nuclear power plants.

Food industry
Processing liquid food such as milk, bear, juices and other requires to use different heat exchangers. The can be used as coolers, heaters, pasteurizers, sterilizers. Laygo gaskets have on of the lowers migration rates on the market. This means that they does not result in lower product quality in any of the processes mentioned above.

Chemical industry
Chemical processes are more and more complex and based on economic heat exchange solutions. We are a professional supplier of gaskets for plate exchangers only. Therefore, also in this industry it is not a problem for us to implement good solutions for our customers.

Petroleum chemistry
For petroleum and gas processing, air­tightness constitutes a big problem. The industry has the highest demand for reliability and safety of operation of heat exchange equipment. Laygo gaskets comply with the requirements well. We can deliver special materials used for the high­end.

Sugar industry
Laygo gaskets are used in sugar factories which make sugar both from cane as and beet sugar. Hard operation conditions during the campaign require reliable and continuous operation. Our supplier has developed a special material formula for gaskets that fully meets these requirements. (so called sugar grade).

Pharmaceutical industry
The highest quality equipment in connection with the lowest product contamination rate is what is needed for the pharmaceutical processes. It is applicable especially to elastomer used in heat exchangers in the entire industry. Laygo gaskets meets these expectations (certificates complying with USP and FDA)

Marine industry
Marine ships must be equipped with working coolers on board. Safety of operation and reliability of exchangers are the key factors for the industry. In our offer you can find gaskets compatible with all plate heat exchangers used on ships. Moreover, their quality ensures that the ship will not stuck somewhere in the sea or ocean.

Combined heat and power plants
This industry continuously needs more and more heat exchangers. Due to extreme operation conditions (high temperatures) the efficiency of exchangers as well as the quality of gaskets must follow the requirements. Our supplier perfectly handles with the quality and sizes of gaskets. It can manufacture even 3,400 mm long gaskets in one piece, while other provides them in two pieces.